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COVID-19 Update

Coronavirus – COVID-19 – clearly presents a multitude of risks to our business, people, and the services provided to customers.

We are taking the following steps to protect our Staff, Customers and the services we provide:

  • We are monitoring and assessing all updates regarding the Coronavirus epidemic; and

  • We have activated our own incident and risk management process to evaluate any possible effects that may be felt and will be tracking and responding accordingly.

We will keep our customers informed of any impacts we may be experiencing that could impact their business.

We have advised our staff/subcontractors of the need to:

  • respect specified protocols within each site that they are located at, and

  • observe any requests for information, and advising Optic Security Group of these requests, including forwarding any necessary documentation or information that is required to be completed.

  • understand the hygiene factors required during this time (and we have reminded them of these), and asked them to take extra precautions, including but not limited to, observing thorough handwashing, use of hand-sanitiser and masks if necessary.

  • remain at home if they or their family members feel unwell and should seek medical advice if they are not sure about any symptoms they may incur.

We have implemented the following specific Health, Safety & Risk protocols:

  • Managers have been asked to be vigilant during this time with their staff, collaborating with them on their travel plans (whether it be for business or personal) and each situation is being dealt with on a case by case basis.

  • All staff have been reminded they should remain at home if they, or their families feel unwell, and should seek medical advice if they are not sure about any symptoms they may incur.

  • Self-isolation has been requested if any staff members are travelling or have recently travelled to hot spots.

  • We continue to update all staff regularly with any advice received, and our Business Continuity Plan is also active and being reviewed daily.

  • Our Business Systems are designed to enable remote working and utilise the latest in cloud technologies to avoid any single point of failure in our Infrastructure and the services we provide to our customers.

  • In addition, our staff will follow all on-site procedures our customers may require.

We are not currently experiencing any supply chain delays and we will keep our customers and stakeholders informed and updated of any changes or impacts at the earliest possible opportunity.

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