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How Fortinet and Optic Digital powers remote work

Often technology is fit for purpose at the time of initial implementation, but the march of time results in these solutions falling into obsolescence. Experiencing performance and reliability issues with its firewall solution, a major New Zealand financial services provider turned to Optic Digital and Fortinet for an improved solution. 


With the delivery of a Fortinet firewall, authentication and switching stack, today the financial services company enjoys assured mobility with security, as all its staff members can securely access the full suite of business services required for their work, regardless of their location. The company has also enjoyed substantial improvement to its business continuity posture, which has proven invaluable throughout the COVID-19 lockdown.

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“If we didn’t have the Fortinet remote access solution, we really would have had a problem… It just works. Our people connect and get on with work, without any hassle.”

– IT Manager


Access management for strengthening security by ensuring only the right person at the right time can access your sensitive networks and data.


New ways of doing business, including remote working, necessitated an update, while advances in encryption and intelligent switching provided opportunities for improvement. When the company made the move to new offices, they issued all staff with laptops, setting the scene for mobile working. The updated solution needed to enable secure access to backend systems regardless of where employees were working from.


Optic Digital proposed a solution based on the Fortinet Security Fabric which would deliver a high availability firewall and switching stack. At the centre of the solution is Fortinet’s FortiGate next-generation firewall appliances, which use purpose-built security processors and threat intelligence security services. The solution is managed by FortiManager, delivering centralised management with best practices compliance and workflow automation. Every employee’s laptop is equipped with a VPN client along with Fortinet MFA, which sends a code to the user’s mobile phone. Combined with username and password, the configuration delivers a high degree of confidence that any user logging in is in fact the right person and that company and customer data is protected.


Security Fabric Analytics & Automation to provide better detection and response against cyber risks.


Automation-Driven Network Management to provide protection against breaches.


The best security doesn’t only take care of data, it also takes care of people by enabling people rather than complicating their workday. Optic Digital has delivered a solution which had little impact during implementation, while being convenient for every user. The confidence that the financial services provider enjoys in its VPN and broader network security is complemented by the enhanced business continuity posture it now enjoys. As the COVID-19 lockdown took hold, the financial services provider were perfectly positioned for working from home. The VPN worked flawlessly, allowing business to continue even if it wasn’t exactly as usual. If the business didn’t have the Fortinet remote access solution, they would have had a problem.

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